The Flyers Rights organization maintains a web site where a variety of articles are posted. A good description of the organization can be found on their “About” page:

The web site is somewhat unwieldy due to the main organization being by month, with no index provided by topic. Also, as of this writing, the search box doesn’t work. I’ve offered to help them as an editor, but in the meantime, I have created below a chronological index and recap of many of the Flyers Rights articles on airline seating size issues.

Space Invaders ( 9/28/2017

  • Report on news from Aircraft Interior trade show on newly showcased seats below 18” width and 28” pitch for economy class.
  • Concern is expressed on safety during evacuations and the lack of live evacuation testing.
  • The irresponsibility of the airlines, the FAA, the seat manufacturers, and EASA is noted.

NPR Discusses the Ramifications of’s Seat Case ( 9/26/2017

  • Links to discussion and article.

Cracking Some Heads ( 9/21/2017

Is It Time For Airline Seat Standards? ( 10/9/2014

  • Call to action on airline seat standards.

Squeeze Play US Airlines Installing Thinner Seats To Cram More On Board ( 10/22/2013

  • Discussion of “slimline” seats.
  • Potential correlation with DVT
  • Q & A

Just Plane Packed – JetBlue herds more into planes with thinner seats and less legroom ( 8/13/2013

  • “The FAA hgas zero minimum standards for legroom [in non-emergency rows]”
  • The relationship of immobility and DVT.
  • JetBlue announcement of tigher seats.
  • Using to check seat pitch.

Freshly Squeezed – Passenger complaints rise as seats get smaller More flights overbookeda ( 6/4/2013

  • News about airlines packing in more seats at the expense of comfort.

If The Seat Fits… Squeeze Into It! Airline Complaints Shot up 20 % Last Year as Planes Got EvenMore Cramped ( 4/10/2013

  • Consumer complaints surged 20% and attributes this to smaller seats and more packed flights and overbooking.
  • Samoa Air says it will charge passengers by weight.

Seat Pitch-the Next Battleground? ( 10/4/2010

About Mark Morris
Mark Morris is a person, with several body dimensions that make airline travel in a single coach seat uncomfortable, including shoulder width, hip width, back to knee distance, and torso length. Mark is also sensitive to the inconvenience and discomfort of adjacent passengers. As he educated himself about the issues, he realized that there is no U.S. law or regulation covering person of size issues, and that airlines do not have a consistent policy. Mark created the Person of Size website to generate awareness, document situations and solutions, and advocate for improved laws, regulations, and policies related to persons of size situations in the real world.