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Please consider signing the petition regarding “Shrinking of Airline Seats and Passenger Space”. It is located here: Thank you.

The Flyers Rights organization maintains a web site where a variety of articles are posted. A good description of the organization can be found on their “About” page: The web site is somewhat unwieldy due to the main organization being by month, with no index provided by topic. Also, as of this writing, the search box doesn’t work. I’ve offered to help them as an editor, but in the meantime, I have created below a chronological index and recap of many of the Flyers Rights articles on airline seating size issues.

Person of Size Scenarios

What are the pros and cons of addressing the issue when reservations are made vs. at check-in vs. at the gate? The considerations include choice of airline, the cost of your trip, the potential disruption of your trip, and the potential of unpleasant interactions with your fellow travelers or airline staff. We’ll discuss each option and its’ pros and cons in the following table. The bottom line is that making person of size arrangements when reservations are made leads to the least stressful experience.

Lack of Regulation

As of early 2016 the US/Canada airline industry did not regulate the person of size seating. There are no standard definitions, nor terminology, nor regulations for persons of size seating. This is surprising considering the prevalence of the issue and the potential for negative social media postings. Only time will tell if the airline industry will address this increasingly frequent issue. Here is what the FAA, U.S. DOT, ADA have to say about person of size accomodation.